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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

Worcestershire troops make it to the boats

18th December 1915 - Worcestershire troops make it to the boats

Rolling Casualty Count: 2612

1st Batt: Batt relieved 2nd East Lancs in trenches.

2nd Batt:Batt marched from Fouquereiul at 9.0am accompanied by band of 2nd Batt for 2 and a half miles, which made it pleasant. Pipes and Drums of the 33rd Div met the Batt at Bourecq and played them into St Hilaire.

4th and 9th Batt:Enemy unaware that troops were evacuating and strengthened their wire. At dawn a Turkish deserter stumbled into the trenches.

4th division were taken to HMS Magnificent

9th were taken to the troop transport Huntsgreen.

During the night the remaining stores were set alight. Men were exhauster and slept until midday.

The evacuation was masterminded by, amongst others, General Sir Francis Davies, of Elmley Castle (pictured)


The "breaking-up" concert in connection with the Cathedral King's School took place in the College Hall on Friday night. Usually it is an entertainment to which the parents and friends of the boys are invited free of charge, but on this occasion a charge was made, and the proceeds (expected to be at least £20) will be given to the Serbian Relief Funds. Naturally, when so many Old Vigornians are on active service, few were to be found taking part in the programme, though some, returned wounded, were to be found in the audience.

DEATH OF MR LOUIS. F. HIGGS - A Well Known Angler

Mr. Higgs was 56 years of age...He had been an angler from his boyhood, and might be properly described as one of the pioneers who built up the fishing organisations in the district. He formed the Malvern Association of Anglers in 1888, and for many years held the office of Hon. Secretary and Treasurer. He held many offices in other local angling organisations....He was appointed a member of the Severn Fishery Board by the Worcester City Council in 1901, and remained a member until his death.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.