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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 3

20th December 1915 - Troops evacuated from the Suvla and Anzac beachheads at Gallipoli

Rolling Casualty Count: 2617

10th Batt: C Coy 14th Welsh Reg arrived for instruction

SAMD RFA: Condition of trenches and dug outs very bad because of poor weather.

11th Batt:New trenches started nearer the foothills. It was on the ground of and ancient and forgotten cemetery. Many tombs were opened by the troops and some contained swords and bronze helmets which experts decided to be of the period of Alexander the Great.

Rev. Studdert Kennedy and the Use of Prayer.

Mr. Kennedy said that after his last address people came to him and told him that he had given them the impression that it was no use praying. That was rather a shock to him....He repeated part of the argument....the processes of nature were orderly, and the universe was governed by law...upon the creation of man, emphasizing that God gave him freedom of choice....He believed that Sin was unnatural – an excrescence upon human nature...God did not wish evil...with the fall of man began the age long agony of man.

A mother praying that her son at the front might be spared must not expect her prayer to be answered....The use of prayer was not to change God's will, but to bring ours into harmony with his.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.