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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 4

7th December 1915 - Siege of Kut begins. After their defeat at Ctesiphon, Anglo-Indian troops fall back on Kut al Amara where they are surrounded by Turkish forces. They eventually surrender on 29 April 1916.

Rolling Casualty Count: 2586

2nd Batt: Railway tunnel now under 2 feet of water with sides falling in. Water in trenches up to the knees , causing gap of 100 yards in front line.

WORCESTER WOMANS COOL FRAUD - Prison for soldiers wife

Rose Harper, 22, Dolday, was summoned for obtaining false pretences from Mr Thomas Henry Griffiths, Hon. Secretary of the Worcester Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Relief subcommittee. Mr Griffiths said that the woman went to the office and asked for temporary assistance on the ground that she had not received her separation allowance.....Later he went to Dolday, and the woman was in a public house. He found that on the day before she obtained 21s. Separation allowance.......D.C Handley said that he arrested the woman’s husband as an absentee from the 14th Worcester’s last week. At that time the soldier and his wife, and two other women were drinking. They had a two gallon jar of beer on the table and, as that was only 3.30 in the afternoon, they practically annulled the liquor control order.....The court sentenced her to a months imprisonment. The chairman saying that fraud on a deserving society like the one in question was a very serious matter.

SHELSLEY FARMERS DEATH - Fatal Anaesthetic inquest regarding the death of Thomas Davies (46), a farmer of Shelsley.

Mrs Davies, the widow, said that her late husband always had good health. He had a lump on the left side of the face, and wished to have it removed. It was arranged that Dr Dykes and Dr Brocket should perform the operation on Thursday....She was informed that he had died whilst under the anaesthetic. The jury returned a verdict that death was due to sudden collapse during the administration of the anaesthetic.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.