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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

19th December 1915 - General Sir Douglas Haig replaces Field Marshal Sir John French as Commander in Chief of the British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium

Rolling Casaulty Count: 2614

10th Batt:Batt relieved the 10th Warwickshire in trenches, including the welsh Batt

11th Batt: Work completed in spite of incessant rain and cold. News that the retreating 10th Division had reached Salonika and joined the main Allied Army.


DRUNK – Clara Sayce (52), 3, James Street, was charged with being drunken the licensed premises of the Crown Hotel, Broad Street, and refusing to quit when requested. Defendant pleaded not guilty, but later altered her plea to one of guilty....Witness saw that the defendant had come into the Hotel and asked for a room...walked up the stairs into a bedroom, was drunk and incapable, she would not leave , and witness had to have her ejected.

The chief Constable said that in October defendant was fined 10s. For being drunk and 10s. For damage in the cell at the Police Station. She was now fined 10s. In the first case and 20s. In the second.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.