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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

15th December 1915 - Storms affecting success of Gallipoli evacuation

Rolling Casualty count: 2607

1st Batt: Lt Col Grogan took over command of the Batt.

2nd Batt: Cleaning up the billets which had been left in a dirty condition.

10th Batt: Batt relieved by 10th Warwickshire Reg. Billets in ruined houses in Richenbourg and St Vlaast.

4th and 9th Batt: Stormy weather hampered evacuation.


The chairman reported that Dr. Newton Friend, the Headmaster of the Technical School, said that, having obtained the consent of the committee, he had been attested and had passed the Doctor. He left to the committee the question of seeking his exemption. The matter was referred to the Higher Education Sub-Committee. The Board of Education....authorized by Lord Derby....would be...freely the Advisory Committee in considering whether individuals should be called up or should be regarded as indispensable and not called up.

CITY EDUCATION COMMITTEE - An Appeal to the Department

It was reported that the Committee's second attempt to secure a list of disabled soldiers had met with failure. The idea of the Committee is to educate maimed soldiers to earn a living, and Mr. Fairburn said that the difficulty throughout had been in finding who the wounded soldiers were. It was decided to write to the Board of Education asking whether they intend to take any steps in the matter.

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