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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

21st December 1915 - Dangerous dog put down

Rolling Casualty Count: 2619

2nd Batt: Billeted at Norrent Fortes. Grenadiers attended Brigade Bombing Course. Cleaning arms, equipment and clothing. Sentries doubled as many spies around.

10th Batt: Support and reserve Coys moved to Old British Line. Gas attack intended but wind was not favourable.


Dangerous Dog – Ann Rea, Winnall Farm. Norton, who was represented by her husband, was summoned for keeping a dangerous dog. Ernest Turvey, postman, said that the dog went behind him and bit him on the leg. He had had previous trouble with the dog .Mrs. Pratley, Norton, said that the dog also bit heron the leg, and the wound was bad for a fortnight. The Bench holding that the dog was dangerous, ordered it to be destroyed, and also ordered defendant to pay the costs, 14s. 6d.


James Brace (45), 71, London Road, was charged with having in his possession certain meat, intended for the food of man, which was found deposited for the purpose of sale, and which was unfit for the food of man....Defendant pleaded guilty.

...two farmers from Madresfield asked Mr. Smith to slaughter a cow they had....Smith...said it was only fit for pigs. He offered the owners half the price. Smith asked defendant to fetch the carcase from Madresfield. Defendant was a meat salesman. Smith told Brace the carcase was for pigs.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.