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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

3rd December 1915 - Calls to adopt a decimal system

Rolling Casualty Count: 2571

1st Batt: Decided to abandon Bridoux Salient to occupy th old 3rd line held by us in April 1915 which is still in fairly dry condition

2nd Batt: A few “Swishbangs” sent. Railway tunnel being strengthened. Air reconnaissance noted considerable railway activity at Don La Bassee and Douai.

10th Batt:Inspected in marching order by GOC 57th Infantry Brigade.


Four people were summoned for allowing their chimneys to be on fire. The same officer, P.S. Hollis proved each case. The defendants were: William Sebright, 3 Belmont place, Droitwich Road; Mary Ann Whitall, 44 Bromsgrove Street; William Roberts, 8, Wakeman Street; William Henry Johnson, 80, Ombersley Road. With the exception of Johnson, who was fined 2s 6d, they were fined 6s each.


An urgent appeal to press forward the adoption of the Metric System was contained in a letter from the Decimal Association, who pointed out that the dislocation of trade would not be felt so much now in bring about the reform at any other time.

The Mayor considered that it would be a great advantage if there could be a universal system.....The resolution was carried, and it was also resolved, on the proposition of Mr Stone, that application be made to the engineering trades, who had expressed objections to the change, to state what these were, and also to ascertain what was being done in the city with regard to educating people in the matter.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.