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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 3

25th December 1915 - No Armistice this Christmas

Rolling Casualty Count: 2626

1st Batt: Christmas day so Co dinners arranged for men. C Coy shelled and our guns were busy most of the day. The order for “No armistice” was rigidly carried out. Service was held in Soldiers` Club at Rue Marle. Working party of 50 men supplied to R E.

2nd Batt: Assembled in large barn for divine Christmas service at 11.00am. RC attended RC church at 10.00am. Under the circumstances, a pleasant day. Inter Co football league played in pm

SMD RFA: Warned against attempts likely to be made by the Germans to fraternize on Christmas Day. At 5.00pm Germans shelled Sailly seriously with heavy guns. 6.00pm, Christmas dinner in all units

4th Batt: Back under shell fire at Helles. A certain amount of fresh food, cigarettes and rum ration were obtained by the forethought of the Brigadier.

9th Batt: At Mudros, taken by the ship Redbreast, the troops got a Christmas dinner.


DR. Morgan was preaching in a Worcestershire village, when Tom Hunt, a man with a wooden leg of the old fashioned sort known as dot-and carry – one, came stumping up the aisle, and sat down in the front seat because that was the only place he could comfortably dispose of his artificial member. The preachers subject was “heaven”. Tom who had been clacking out “Hallelujahs” and “Amens” suddenly amazed him by installing his wooden stump, and apostrophising it with, “Ah, Peggy, you’ll never go to heaven. Glory to God! A new leg for me up there! “ Having finished addressing his stump, he subsided with “Go on, lead, let’s have some more glory! “

Information researched by the WWW100 team.