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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

11th December 1915 - Grammar School Prize day attracts City's top brass

Rolling Casualty Count: 2596

1st Batt: concert held in Batt HQ from 7.30pm to 8.45pm. Lecture on aeroplane observation for officers.

2nd Batt: railway tunnel now dangerous so miners brought in to carry out repairs. Fifty machine gunners moved back in later but there is still 2 feet of wqater in places.

10th batt: Batt relieved the 9th Cheshire Reg in trenches.

11th Batt: As enemy was persuing retreating troops, it was decided to entrench a position around Salonika to cover them. It was about 7 miles from the city that a line of defensive works were planned, Batt to dig from Laina to Tumba as part of the 78th Brigade.

ROYAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL - PRIZE DAY Boys rally to the colours

The annual distribution of prizes in connection with the Royal Grammar School, Worcester, took place on Friday afternoon. Colonel W. Stallard presided, and was supported by Mr. C.W. Dyson Perrins, Sir Henry Urwick, the Dean of Worcester, the Rev G.F. Hooper, Messrs J. W. Willis Bund, and A. Carlton..... The Headmaster, in his report, said it was a great pleasure to the school that Mr. Perrins had consented to give away the prizes on the first occasion in that hall, and they regretted that Mrs. Perrins could not be present.. If they looked at the papers in their hands they would see that many of those who would, in the ordinary course of events, have come up that day as schoolboys to receive prizes for school work were to-day fighting for their country-(applause)-and one at least of them had already returned invalided.

XMAS AND THE POST OFFICE - Preparations for the rush

The officials at the Post Office are not expecting the postal work to be so heavy as usual at Christmas time this year. A great many men are away from the district on active service and though the general Post Office work will be increased by gifts and communications sent to them by their relatives and friends, these must be despatched before the Christmas season sets in, or they will not be received in time for Christmas. The widespread sorrow experienced, the appeals to people to be economical and the fact that many people will be compelled to spend less in the {way} of Christmas presents and Christmas cards- all these things are expected to reduce the amount of postal work.

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