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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

2nd December 1915 - Trenches full of water and mud

Rolling Casualty Count: 2569

1st Batt: Batt marched out 5.00 am to relieve 2nd East Lancs. A Coy in low lying Bridoux Salient which was half-flooded. No means of draining it and very uncomfortable for men.

2nd Batt: During the night ,front line coys opened bursts of rapid fire to catch enemy working parties repairing their parapets. Our communication trenches cleaned up a little by working party. Night patrols noticed german wire old and in need of repair. A listening post was located 70 yards from left Sap and fired on-noticed that many of our shells did not explode.


A very interesting gathering consisting of missionary workers took place in the church hall on St Andrews Day. Mrs Lloyd very kindly provided tea, at which about 40 were present. After tea, the vicar introduced the Rev A.C.H. Ostrehan, Curate of hallow, who spoke to the children about missionary work generally. Miss Maund opened the boxes, and it is gratifying to note that the amount collected exceeded that of last year.


The Water and Sewerage Committee have resolved to recommend the Council to lay a 6 inch water main in the Bromyard Road from the Bull Ring to Happy Land West, at an estimated cost of £400, if Messrs. J.F. Willis LTD will pay for a 5 inch main from Happy Land West to their factory in Watery Lane, at an estimated cost of £100, the Council reserve the right to use the 5 inch main for supplying other consumers of water.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.