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Key dates over December 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

17th December 1915 - Christmas opening for Worcester shops

Rolling Casualty Count: 2611

1st Batt: lectures on combination of artillery and infantry in the trenches.

2nd Batt: Batt marched to billets in Fouquereau and Fouquieres. Rain and fog

SMD RFA: heavy bombardment against enemy trenches Wire cutting by 2nd Worcester Battery.

Effort For The Waifs and Strays Society

The Theatre Royal was filled on Thursday afternoon when a pageant, "Children through the centuries" was compiled by the chief organizing Secretary of the Society, but it was performed by local children, assisted by a few adults. It is arranged in the form of a number of scenes which make a powerful appeal on behalf of child life. They are well calculated to quicken one's sympathies for the made an entertainment of rare charm and delight.


The quarterly report of the Inspector under the Shops Act was read. This pointed out that there had been only one case where assistants did not receive their half-holiday, and one in which the proper meal times were not being observed, the offenders in each case being cautioned. The Inspector found that a large quantity of female labour was being engaged in retail premises in the city to replace male labour during the war, and the employers viewed with favour anything which would assist them in closing of their shops.

On their motion of Ald. Palmer, it was decided to call shopkeepers attention to the fact that they can keep their premises open on Thursday before Christmas.

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