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Key dates over November 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 11

10th November 1915 - Indian infantry begins to leave France in order to transfer to Mesopotamia

Rolling Casualty Count: 2554

2nd Batt: Relieved the 2nd HLI in same section as before. At 3.00 am a hodtile mine blew up about 10 yards from front line. Large portion of the trench was destroyed as was B Coy`s sap. Communications hard to restore and many casualties before the blockage was cleared. Several men treated for shock. Men worked all night to repair damage.

The Town Clerk has received a communication for Worcester Trades Council protesting against the alteration of the elementary school hours saying whilst it might result in a small saving in light and fuel it would cause hardship to parents who would have to get their children to school earlier and also cause great inconvenience because different meal times would be necessary for the older and younger members of the family. Mr. Webb replied the last thing the Committee had in view was to cause any inconvenience to the parents of children. It was not proposed to open schools earlier in the morning but it was proposed to open in the afternoon at 1.30pm instead of 2pm and thus save half an hours light and fuel at the end of the day. Referred to the Education Committee.

In the death of Arthur Scott of no fixed abode who was found dead in some hop pickers quarters at Holt lying beside his unconscious wife (who has since died) was the subject of a further inquiry at Holt by the District Coroner, having been adjourned m last week.

John Carpenter who gave evidence at the inquest into the death of Mrs Scott repeated his statement about entering the room where he Scott and his wife were in bed; finding the remains of a coal fire and the shutter (which served as a window) closed.

Frederick Roseberry spoke of notices being fixed up prohibiting fires being made on the premises.

The County Analyst stated that he fund carbon monoxide in the man's blood. The contents of the bucket would have thrown off fumes of this gas.

The Jury found that the death was caused by inhaling carbon monoxide in the way stated.

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