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Key dates over November 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 0

14th November 1915 - Mayoral Sunday

Rolling Casualty Count: 2563

1st Batt: Moved to Erquinghem and housed in in light canvas and lathe huts erected by RG A Coy in dugouts nearby. HQ in farm nearby in Bac At Muur. The departure form 8th Division is regretted. Weather fine and cold.

2nd Batt: Batt moved again to Busnettes-good billets.

Mayor's Sunday – the presence of several military units, Regulars, Territorials and Volunteers as well as a number of wounded warriors from Battenhall Hospital gave a distinctly martial colouring to the annual civic service at the Cathedral.

The Mayor received the Council and citizens at the Guildhall but, as on previous occasions, he did not accompany them tot eh Protestant service. Next Sunday he has arranged to go in state to his own (St. George's Roman Catholic) Church. The Deputy Mayor took his place today.

As the procession entered the cathedral the Organist Mr. Ivor Atkins played the National Anthem. The military section was formed in the Shirehall and headed by the Artillery band under Mr. WH Austin. On parade were 60 Yeomanry, 100 Engineers, members of the Voluntary Aid Detachment, Worcester Volunteer Company and Boy Scouts.

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