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Key dates over November 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

22nd November 1915 - Serbia defeated by combined armies of Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria. Serbian troops forced to retreat through Albania to the Adriatic coast.

Rolling Casualty Count: 2575

At the Front:

1st Batt :A and B vacated support trenches, A to Command Post, B to billets in La Toulette

2nd Batt: Batt marched to trenches North of the canal where they relieved the 7th King`s Liverpool Reg. The Batt Coffee Bar was at Pont Fixe.

On the Home Front:

Licensing restrictions in Worcester

....It was stated that 80 percent of the publicans present had decided not to open during the hours when no intoxicating drinks can be sold.....Only the principle hotels were open. As one publican remarked "if the whole of the takings of this class of goods were profit, it would

hardly pay for the fire"

Memorial Window At Claines

Dedicated by the Bishop

For a quarter of a century the late Canon A.S. Porter worked in Claines Parish, and his long and faithful ministry is well remembered by all who knew him as their vicar. He was held in highest esteem, and it was natural that so many of his old parishioners attended Claines church on Sunday afternoon when the Bishop of Worcester (Dr. Yeatman Biggs) dedicated a memorial window to the late Canon. The church was crowded.

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