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Key dates over November 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

2nd November 1915 - Recruiting Boom expected

Rolling Casualty Count: 2526

1st Batt: Working party of 100 men clearing out ditches

2nd Batt: Batt relieved the 2nd HLI in Cambrai trench. Rain has caused damage to trench, deep in mud and sides falling in. Meals provided by kitchens in trenches.

Anti frost bite grease issued and 180 pairs of gum-boots.

10th Batt:Batt relieved the 8th N staffs, taking a long time owing to the impossible state of trenches, dugouts collapsed by heavy rain. Parapets and walkways fallen in , no shelter and men up to their knees in mud all night.

The Western Counties War Exhibition at Malvern to be opened by the Countess Beauchamp on Tuesday 2 November. Organised by the British Red Cross and previously exhibited in Knightsbridge, London. The exhibition runs until 6 November.

Local recruiting BOOM – 100 recruits on Monday

Though the canvass has not yet started, there is daily evidence that Worcester city and the district will do their share towards finding the men Lord Derby and the nation require. Monday was an exceptionally good day locally, and if only the rate is continued then the recruiting officers will be happy and the city and district will have reason for pride.

Dresses and how to make them

Demonstration free. War time economy. Have you done your bit as a British Woman??

Now is the opportunity to learn to become your own dressmaker at a nominal cost. With a system by which any lady, whether she has done any sewing before or not, may easily learn to make both. Any pattern and any garment, and no fitting is necessary. Come and hear Mrs Wright’s lecture at the Town Hall Evesham. Ladies and children’s garments, cut out and patterns given away.

Arcade cinema

The ‘star’ piece for the first three days of the week is a war drama ‘ The Price of a Kiss’. It depicts the great courage of a young wife, who, after her husband was struck down, carried a secret document through the enemy’s lines to the General. This screen gives one a good impression of the stern realities of present-day war. The chase of the special messenger by an enemy patrol was very thrilling.

Information researched by the WWW100 team