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Key dates over November 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 4

30th November 1915 - Britain, France, Russia, Japan and Italy jointly renew the Pact of London

Rolling Casualty Count: 2592

At the Front:

1st Batt: Now exceptionally mild and fine. Command Post shelled about 2,00am but no damage done. 2nd Batt: Relieved the Glasgow Highlanders. Trenches very wet so men started work on them immediately. They are unrecognisable as the same trenched the Batt was in last June. 4th Batt: Bad weather ended and the sun shone. Troops soon to be withdrawn from Suvla Bay

On the Home Front:


Record day for 1915 in Worcestershire

Monday was the best days recruiting in Worcestershire since the boom of September, 1914, was at its height, and then the total of 328 recorded on Monday was beaten only once or twice. Of these 322 who were accepted for regular units, only a dozen joined for immediate service, the remaining 310 being released to be called up in their groups. Of this total 62 joined at the Broad Street depot.


“The Glorious Day” which is being performed at the Theatre Royal during this week by Mr. Leonard Mortimer and company, is described as a “topical, musical, dramatic revue.” That is the professional name, and the layman would have difficulty in finding one which would more accurately describe the entertainment. There can be no doubt about it being topical; it could not well be more so. It gives us a fight on land and another on sea (with the thunder of cannon), it takes us to many scenes of the war from Southampton Docks to Egypt and the Kaisers Palace, it introduces us to Tommy Atkins and his comrades in the Navy, to the Red Cross nurses, the special Constable, the striker, the VC….

TUESDAY– Before Messrs. J. Ward, J. Morgan and W. Moore.

A BOYS THEFTS – Sidney Lewis (15), 75, McIntyre Road, van boy, was charged with entering a house, and stealing one lady’s 19-carat gold ring, one sixpence, and a small key, together value 30s., the property of Mrs. Greenhall….On Monday she went out and on her return the things were missing. Detective Penington saw defendant in St. Johns’s, and told him he was making inquiries about the missing articles, and defendant admitted that he had them…he did not know anything about the key…..Defendant pleaded guilty. Defendant’s father said that his boy had hitherto had a good character. He was bound over for six months.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.