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Key dates over November 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 3

26th November 1915 - Meat unfit for human consumption

Rolling Casualty Count: 2579

At the Front:

2nd Batt: A trench mortar gun was brought up to left bank of canal but it only managed to fire one dud shell before it was sent back. Enemy snipers very active and there was constant firing all night.

Field Artillery: At 1.00am, C Co Gloucesters assisted by barrage from 3rd MFA got into German trenches, captured one prisoner and killed several others.

4th and 9th Batt: After hot, close day, the heavens opened, trenches filled and parapets gave way. Water swept away rifles, kit and ammunitions. Some men drowned and others up to waists in water. Four and half inches of rain fell in one and a half hours.

9th Batt: Furious digging cleared water from the trenches and much salvage work saved kit. High praise from Divisional General who said, “We are the Worcesters and not just any other regiment.”

On the Home Front:

The annual meeting of the Worcester Playgrounds Association was held on Thursday evening at the Guildhall…..Miss Ogilvy , in her report, stated that the city authorities had not yet fenced the proposed playground between St. Andrew’s church and Birdport for little children, and it had therefore been impossible for the society to take any action. The society had, however, reserved a balance for dealing with it, and with any extension that might be made by pulling down old cottages purchased at the corner, between Birdport and Copenhagen Street.


Worcester meat inspector and his tutor

At Worcester City Police Court today Daniel Hopton, butcher, East Street, was summoned for being a person in whose possession two carcasses, to wit, two lambs, exposed for sale are found to be unfit for the food of Man.

Mr. Hall Wright pointed out that Witness's former tutor at Birmingham would give evidence that the condition of the meat was due to the wet weather.

They were unanimously of opinion that the meat was unfit for food, and therefore, they fined the defendant 40s., with £1.1s solicitors fee. The chairman addressed that they could have inflicted a much heavier fee.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.