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Key dates over November 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 0

25th November 1915 - Guardians of the workhouse plan for restrained Christmas

Rolling Casualty Count: 2576

At the Front:

1st Batt: Fine and cold, little shelling

2nd Batt: Quiet day, cold night

10th Batt: Billets in Calonne, Robecq Road.

On the Home Front:


The Worcester Glee Club on Wednesday night had “an evening with Sir Arthur Sullivan”. The programme consisted entirely of selections from the works of that distinguished composer. There was a large attendance, and members expressed their delight with the selection of the music (for which the Musical Director, Mr. A Quarterman, was responsible).

According to a view of some of the Worcester Guardians the feelings of the inmates of the workhouse this Christmas are to be like those of Nanki Poo – “modified rapture.” Times are not such that the inmates may be allowed full fare, and the whole-hearted jollification which is supposed to follow it (some of us may doubt whether a jolly feeling does follow a liberal Christmas fare) disgruntled people would say that what is most likely to follow is a “thick head”

The problem of the Guardians, how to give the inmates “a merry Christmas” on a modified scale. They might take a hint from the Master of Droitwich Workhouse…..”…the puddings must lack sultanas”

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