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Key dates over November 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

9th November 1915 - Alderman Leicester elected for an unprecedented fifth time

Rolling Casualty Count: 2543

2nd Batt: Liverpool Regt left the Brigade.

10th Batt: To billets in Locon

Arcade Cinema:

"Alias Jimmy Valentine" is a picture version of the successful play of the same name. Jimmy is an ex-burglar trying to go straight. Another popular picture is "Charlie the Tramp" an adventure of the famous Chaplin. It is generally fun but there is a touch of pathos in the ending.

Pathe Gazette in its series of pictures of topical events includes several views taken at close quarters of the King's visit to France and scenes at the memorial service for Nurse Cavell.

The statutory meeting of the City Council for the election of Mayor, the appointment of Sherriff and the election of Chamberlain took place at noon today.

The Council was deeply grateful to Alderman Leicester (retiring Mayor) for his public-spirited conduct. Whilst they would have hesitated in normal times to ask him to accept the burden for a fifth time they felt it was a great advantage to the City that he had consented to serve again in these exceptional times and they heartily welcomed him to the chair once again.

No citizens had taken a more active part in the relief of distress and in the stirring up civic and national patriotism than Alderman and Mrs Leicester. It was only fair that it be known it was Alderman's Carlton's own wish that he did not proceed to the dignity of Mayor the previous year. There was a private reason why for a time Alderman and Mrs Carlton should prefer not to be quite so much in the blaze of the public light. That self-denial of Alderman Carlton would not prevent them at some time in the future from doing him the honour of which he had proved so worthy.

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