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Key dates over March 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 14

11th March 1915 - Royal Navy warships begin a concerted blockade of Germany and its ports

Rolling casualty count: 725

1st Batt: About 6.45am ‘A’ Company , 1st Worcs, which was in reserve to the Battalion at Point 18 had orders to occupy support trenches in rear of the Battalion which had dug themselves in at Point 18. This was done under a heavy shell and rifle fire and they remained here all day. The 2nd Battalion Northampton Regiment on our left made two unsuccessful attacks during the day, one at 7am and the other about 1.30 pm. To help this latter attack Major Winnington who was in command of our firing line ordered one platoon each of ‘C’ and ‘D’ Companies under Lts. Conybeare and Tristram to attack the German line along road. A position 30x from this line was given gained by about half a dozen men, about 3pm the remnants of these two platoons returned to their original trenches and for the remainder of the day and night we held our original lone, ‘A’ Company being ordered to prolong our right and join up with the Sherwood Foresters on our right, this Company getting into position at 3am on the morning of the 12th. Orders were received about 10pm that the Battalion with the Northamptons and Sherwood Foresters were to attack the line at 7.30 am on the morning of the 12th ;

2nd Batt: In billets at Bethune. Draft of 1 Officer and 62 other ranks arrived under Lt. Tasker;

3rd Batt: In billets at Locre;

Widow’s offence: Susan McDougal , a widow, of 16 Dolday, was charged with eliciting prostitution in Croft Road. P.C. X, who said he was in plain clothes, gave evidence, and defendant was sent to prison for seven days.

City Police Court: Obstruction: Sidney Myer, 70a, Broad Street, who was ‘called up,’ and who appeared in the uniform of an officer of the Army, pleaded guilty to causing an obstruction in Broad Street with his motor car. P.C. Fisher said that the car stood there for more than an hour. Mr. Myer said that he was on Government duty at the time, and was awaiting a telephone message. The Chief Constable said that the War Office had sent out a circular stating that officers on duty must still comply with the ordinary law, even when on Government service. The Chairman said that in view of the fact the Mr. Myer was on Government service at the time, they would dismiss the case on payment of 2s. costs;

Alleged Sacrilege: Carrie Wrench (42), laundress, 42 Newport Street, was charged with stealing from a vestry in St. George’s Church, a bunch of keys and other articles, the property of the Rev. H.C.B. Roden. The prisoner said she picked the keys up in the Post Office. She added that she did not see why she should be locked up, as she had only just come out on license. A remand was ordered

Information researched by Sue Redding