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Key dates over March 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 3

3rd March 1915 - Trench position inspected and assessed

Rolling casualty count: 672

1st Batt: ‘B’ Lines: Commenced to rain at midnight, and continued to rain till midday. Very quiet all day except for artillery fire by new batteries that have come up and are registering the German trenches. A large number of officers of various Regiments came up during the day and were guided round our lines. A working party 900 strong worked behind our lines during the night making a breastwork along the Rue Tilleloy. 15 men rejoined from hospital;

2nd Batt: In billets at Annequin. Found working parties on communication trenches and three platoons ‘B’ Company in Cuinchy supporting point;

3rd Batt: In trenches at Kemmel;

Arrival of 13th Gloucesters at Malvern: At one o’clock today the 13th Battalion of the Gloucester Regiment arrived at Malvern, accompanied by their band, and proceeded to their billets. There were animated scenes at the railway stations at Great Malvern and Malvern Link. Steps are being taken to provide recreation for the men;

Recruiting for the Legion of Frontiermen is proceeding briskly at the Guildhall Recruitment Office, considering that all applicants have to be either old service men or those who know how to handle a rifle. Forty men have been accepted;

A Street Improvement: The Streets Committee recommended the Council to accept, with thanks, the Great Western Railway Co’s offer to give to the Council for addition to Sansome Walk, the piece of land containing 74 square yards, extending from the Conservative Club to the railway bridge for the sum of £10, subject to the Company being freed from any expense in the matter. Ald. Caldicott said this would be one of the cheapest and best improvements carried out in the City, and with the alterations carried out by the Roman Catholic Church, the locality would be greatly improved…Mr. Gibbs seconded the motion, which was carried;

Boot Retailers’ Association: A meeting of the Worcester Boot and Shoe Retailers’ and Repairers’ Association was held at the Union Hotel, Lowesmoor. The meeting was of an open nature in order to induce other retailers and repairers to join the Association, the membership of which is rather small. The Chairman said that the object of their Association was to promote a friendly feeling among the members of the trade, and also to safeguard their interests. They were subjected to a good deal of annoyance from a section of the public who brought orders for repairs, and almost dictated the time and the price. It was very irritating. People did not seem to regard the boot repairer as being on the same level as the baker, butcher, or grocer. They were designated “old snobs.” Why should not the members of the boot and shoe trade be as much respected as any other trade?

Information researched by Sue Redding