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Key dates over March 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

30th March 1915 - Engine and Firemen's Annual Dinner cancelled due to the war

Rolling casualty count: 959

1st Batt: In billets (Brigade) Rue du Guesnes;

2nd Batt: Usual amount of shelling morning and afternoon. The Battalion was relieved by the 2/H.L.I. at about 8 pm and marched back via Gorre into billets in the neighbourhood of Essars in Divisional Reserve;

3rd Batt: In billets at La Clytte and Dickebusch ;

1st Worcesters at Neuve Chapelle: Dear Sir – I have before me a letter written on the eve of the battle of Neuve Chapelle by a brave soldier to his wife and children, the tone of which characterises the splendid courage and devotion to duty which prevails among our troops upon the battlefield. At the same time they are not unmindful of the loved ones left at home. I have been asked to publish the letters with the consent of the widow, Mrs. Beard, of 20 Hebb Street, Worcester. It will be remembered that the late Pte. Beard was, until joining his Regiment in September last, engaged with the Great Western Railway Company. T.H. Griffiths (Hon. Sec. Soldiers’ and Sailor’s Families Relief Sub-Committee 29 March 1915)

“ Dear Wife, - we are moving to the attack shortly, and perhaps this will be the last line you will ever get from me, but if I fall I shall do so doing my duty to you and to my country, but please God I may come through all right, for the sake of you and the children. I am enclosing four notes of 5 francs each in this letter, and addressing it to be sent to you, if anything should happen. Now, with fondest love and wishes to you and the children, I commend myself to God for a safe return to you, from your loving husband and father, Bert (H.T. Beard, France);”

Dear Madam, - It is with deepest regret that I have to inform you that your husband, No. 9291 Pte. H. T. Beard was killed while doing his duty manfully in the trenches. I am enclosing his last letter to you, together with 20 francs as directed by him. The Commanding Officer wishes me to express his deep sympathy to yourself and children in your loss. I am, yours faithfully, F. C. Roberts, Lieut. 29 March 1915;

Engine and Firemen’s Annual Dinner: “Dear Sir, The G.W.R. and M.R. engineers and firemen wish to inform the public that owing to the war and to many of our comrades losing their lives and others still fighting, we have decided not to hold our annual dinner and concert on Good Friday this year. We wish to thank all who helped to make our annual dinner such a success, and hope that in future they may continue to do the same. Thanking you in anticipation. A.J.T. Wills.”

Information researched by Sue Redding

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