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Key dates over March 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 6

7th March 1915 - Wife dies from injuries

Rolling casualty count: 684

1st Batt: In trenches. Same as 6th March;

2nd Batt: The Hollow heavily shelled causing 10 casualties to ‘B’ Coy. More shelling than usual during the whole day;

3rd Batt: In billets at Locre;

Mrs Birch, whose husband is in custody on a charge of unlawfully wounding her, died in the Infirmary on Friday afternoon. So serious was her condition that from the first little hope was entertained of her recovery. William Birch, who has been remanded on a charge of unlawfully wounding his wife, will be brought up again next Monday, when the charge against him will be of a graver character. Birch is a native of Lancashire, has lived in Worcester for a dozen years or more. He was well-known as a rag collector. He was an ex-soldier, and had re-enlisted, but was discharged a short time ago;

Angel Street Sunday School: On Friday evening, Mrs Hallack, in the unavoidable absence of Mrs. L. G. Winter, distributed the prizes and certificates to the scholars. A large number of the scholars had given voluntarily the value of these prizes to Queen Mary’s Work for Women Fund, and by this means £4 had been contributed to the funds. The Queen has graciously provided that a special certificate be given to all scholars who thus show the spirit of self- sacrifice. The scholars gave a very enjoyable entertainment and a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mrs. Hallack and the other officers and young people who had taken part in the entertainment;

Equipping Worcestershire Recruits: At a meeting of the County Territorial Association, the Secretary (Major Reddie) reported that £42,050 2s. 3d. had been spent by the Association on clothing and equipment from the date of the outbreak of war to the end of February, since when a further £16,000 had been spent, making a total of £58,059 2s. 3d. A greater part of the sum has been spent in Worcestershire. The Association voted £200 for recruiting purposes. Officers commanding reserve units have undertaken to send their bands to take part in a programme of visits which is being arranged. Processions will parade in every town and in every country district. About 2,500 men are wanted, these being for the 7th and 8th Reserves, and a few hundred for Worcester Artillery. Twenty-five men are particularly wanted for another mobile veterinary section.

Information researched by Sue Redding