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Key dates over March 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 6

16th March 1915 - Prisoner of War wants bacon and cheese

Rolling casualty count: 939

1st Batt: Held above trenches. Subjected to heavy shell fire and sniping. In the evening the Battalion was relieved by the 2nd Devons and one company of the local Yorkshires and marched into billets at Estaire. A draft of 28 men arrived;

2nd Batt: Rather more shelling than usual the whole day long. The Mountain gun fired about 60 rounds from our breastwork and blew in the German barricades on both banks of the Canal. Heavy sniping at night. The Bishop of Khartoum visited our trenches. ‘C’ and ‘D’ Companies relieved ‘A’ and ‘B’ Companies in the front line. Cpt McClellan transferred at very short notice to 1st Battalion;

3rd Batt: Relieved E. Surrey Regt in trenches E. Kemmel;

Mrs. Alfred Porter, wife of Pte. Alfred Porter, of the Army Medical Corps, has had several postcards from him from Sennelager, in Germany, where he is in the encampment for British prisoners of war. He states that he is going on very well, but asks her to send him out every week bacon, cheese, butter, cocoa, tea, sugar, condensed milk, tobacco- in fact, anything that will be useful, he says. He was taken a prisoner in an engagement during the early stages of the war;

Worcestershire Historical Society: Honorary Editor’s Resignation: The annual meeting of the WHS was held at the Shirehall on Saturday afternoon. The annual report showed that the Society began this year with 137 members, a reduction of three on last year’s membership. The continual decline in the number of members had naturally been accompanied by a corresponding decline in the Society’s income