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Key dates over March 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 12

Attack on Spanbroek Mill

15th March 1915 - Attack on Spanbroek Mill

Rolling casualty count: 933

1st Batt: Held above trenches. Subjected to heavy shell fire and sniping;

2nd Batt: A patrol which went out from the left ‘B’ Coy at 12:45 am found some new dug outs in the embankment. They also found a German great coat and a parcel of washing of a man in the Wurtremburg Regiment. The patrol returned at 2:30 am. Village heavily shelled during the morning. Very successful sniping. A Mountain gun placed in our advanced breastwork on the ‘tow path’;

3rd Batt: In billets at Locre;

A wealthy city man, now serving as a private in the Sportsman’s Battalion, realises that we are living in a state of topsy-turvy-class. He is acting as orderly to a sergeant who is the brother of his next door neighbour’ cook.

No definite orders have reached Worcester yet with regard to the date of the departure from the East Coast of the Worcestershire Territorials now “under orders for the Continent.” It is expected that their departure will not be long delayed. Probably the 8th Battalion will go next week;

Sacred Music at the Cathedral: A considerable number of people showed appreciation of the arrangement by which the ninety-first Cathedral organ recital was given on Saturday afternoon. Many from the country and places outside the City, including Malvern, attended. Mr. Ivor Atkins provided an admirable programme beginning with “Allegro” from Widor’s Symphony No. 6, and was able to make the work exceptionally impressive, because of the resources of the instrument. The symphony is a massive work, and demands for adequate performance considerable executive skill and musicianly feeling. Mr. Atkins interpreted it finely;

Parade at Bromsgrove: A grand military parade took place at Bromsgrove on Saturday afternoon, when the band of the Worcestershire Yeomanry, the 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, Royal Field Artillery, Bromsgrove School O.T.C., the National Reserve, and Volunteer Training Corps took part in the procession round the town. At the conclusion a large meeting was addressed by Major Garnett, Dr. Cameron Kidd, and Mr. W. Corbett. The troops afterwards marched to Redditch.

Information researched by Sue Redding