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Key dates over March 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 0

22nd March 1915 - Russians capture the Austro-Hungarian city of Przemysl

Rolling casualty count: 951

1st Batt: Billeted in Rue Efinelte as Brigade Reserves. Billets shelled at intervals during the day. Major Grogan took over command of the Battalion;

2nd Batt: In billets at the Orphanage Bethune till 3:30 pm when the Battalion marched by Coys via Beuvry-Gorre to Festubert and relieved the 5th Sussex Regiment in the breastworks. ‘A’ and ‘B’ Coys in breastworks, ‘C’ and ‘D’ in support;

3rd Batt: In billets at Locre;

French Medal for 2nd Worcester: Lance-Corporal Lively, of the 2nd Worcs Regiment, whose exploits gained for him the D.C.M. at Ypres, has once more obtained distinction. He has been awarded the French Military Medal for fetching a wounded French officer in from within thirty yards of the German firing line. Lance-Corpl. Lively received his D.C.M. for “gallant conduct on October 23rd in constantly carrying urgent messages over a distance of 300 yards, under very heavy fire and shrapnel fire.”

Wounded in the Amethyst: Mr. Alfren Inight, of 12 Landsdowne Street, has received a notice from the Admiralty stating that his son, Walter Joseph Inight, a leading torpedoman on the British cruiser Amethyst, which braved the mines and dashed up the Narrows, was slightly wounded in the adventure. A. B. Inight, (20), has been in the Navy nearly four years, formerly on HMS Vernon and was home on leave just before he was transferred to the Amethyst. He attended St. George’s Roman Catholic School, and is well-known in Worcester. Mr. and Mrs. Inight are naturally very anxious concerning their son’s welfare, but having heard that the wounded have been landed, expect to hear from him soon;

Helping the War Horses; On behalf of the Fund for Wounded War Horses, a patriotic entertainment was given by the scholars of Cowleigh last night. The programme opened with the Allies’ National Anthems and included many songs, recitations, dances, musical sketches, and a song and rifle-drill entitled “Kitchener’s Boys;”

We are informed that upwards of 130 householders in the Barnard’s Green district have signed a request for an increase in the billeting allowance. This has been sanctioned in other places, where the cost of living is no greater than in Malvern;

Infirmary Entertainment: A capital entertainment, for which Miss Ruth Willmott and a clever party of amateurs were responsible, was arranged by Miss Morris for the wounded soldiers at the Infirmary. An excellent programme, concluded with a play, “Who rules the waves,” which the men thoroughly enjoyed;

80 Members of the 8th Battalion, Worcs Regt, left Worcester this morning for Northampton. The first party of 40, under the charge of Major Garnett, left at about 9 o’clock, and the remainder went at mid-day ;

Territorial Recruiting: The following numbers have been recruited for the various Territorial units, in Worcester, during the week: Yeomanry 10, Artillery 8, 7th Worcs 86, 8th Worcs 28, Army Veterinary Corps 3, a total of 135.

Information researched by Sue Redding