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Key dates over March 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 0

31st March 1915 - Bad teeth recruiting ban removed

Bad Teeth Recruiting Ban Removed: It will be of interest to men who have already presented themselves for enrolment, but who have been refused because the quality of their teeth did not come up to the standard required, to learn that that Government have now removed the ban. By a new order this defect is not be to be taken as sufficient for the refusal of a man. He will be sent to a depot for a month or so, and there will receive free dental treatment;

The Bishop of Worcester’s eldest son, hitherto Land Agent for the Earl of Haddington’s Estates in Cheshire, has resigned his agency and received a commission as Lieutenant in the R.N.V.R. He has been appointed in the HMS Riviera, which “mothers” the sea-planes. Mr. Yeatman-Biggs is married with three children, so the sacrifice of enlisting has been considerable. The Bishop’s only other surviving son has also put his services at the disposal of the Admiralty;

King’s School Boat Race: A boat race of great interest to the scholars of the Worcester King’s School took place on the Severn. A crew of boys rowed a crew of Masters, and beat them by over three lengths. The course was from the Deanery to the first locks, a distance of about a quarter of a mile;

Seven Days: Rose Davies (42), 18, Rack Alley, was charged with soliciting. P.C. Beasley stated the facts, and his evidence was corroborated by a soldier. She was sentenced to seven days;

On the application of Mr. Maund, the license of the Three Tuns Inn, Castle Street, was transferred from Albert Edward Probert to his wife. Mr. Maund said it was impossible for Mr. Probert to attend, because he had joined the Veterinary Corps. He had not expected to go abroad yet, if at all, but he was sent abroad on Tuesday; We understand that the 7th and 8th Battalions are leaving England tonight. The Artillery have already left.

Information researched by Sue Redding

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