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Key dates over March 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

25th March 1915 - Recruiting: Required for Remount Depot, Shirehampton, Qualified Shoeing Smiths, Saddlers, and other Ranks.

Rolling casualty count: 953

1st Batt: Brigade moved into billets on the Sailly-Bac St. Maur road;

2nd Batt: A very foggy day and little activity shown. Very little shelling;

3rd Batt: In trenches E. of Ellzenwalle;

Recruiting: Required for Remount Depot, Shirehampton, Qualified Shoeing Smiths, Saddlers, and other Ranks. Age 25-40. Any organically sound man taken without reference to size , and glasses may be worn for sight test; Wheelwrights wanted by Army Service Corps for Duration of War. 19-45 years of age, glasses may be worn. No standard measurements. Applicants must be organically fit. Pay, 1s. 8d. per day, in addition to all found and separation allowance for families & dependents

Bostock & Wombwell’s Menagerie: The large number of people who patronised this famous menagerie on Pitchcroft was further evidence of the perennial appeal made by the exhibition of the denizens of the forest. Hundreds of children saw lions and tigers and “jumbos” for the first time, and they were not more keenly interested than the children of older years who accompanied them. Among these one of the most interesting exhibits was “Tiny,” reported to be the smallest and youngest elephant in captivity. It is only a year old and was captured with its mother in Africa a year ago. The mother pined in captivity, and died on board ship. Captain Wombwell entered the cage of five South African lions, and put these majestic animals (one of which appeared to be particularly ferocious) through a thrilling performance. Mrs. Murco exhibited a chimpanzee, which showed an intelligence which was almost uncanny. Dressed in a little boy’s suit it dined at a little table, lighted a cigarette, played a violin , conducted an imaginary orchestra, and then, with crowning presumption, led the applause for its own performance;

The Rev. Everard Digby, who is remembered in Worcester as a capable actor in Shakespearean parts, and later as a clergyman in the Diocese, is going to the front as chaplain to the YMCA. He is a fine type of muscular Christianity. He has long been a keen follower of boxing, and some years ago he started a boxing club in Coventry;

City Police Court: Soldier’s Absence: Herbert James Rushton (46), 10 Willow Street, Diglis, was charged with being an absentee from the 3rd Glos. Regiment. He admitted that he was an absentee, and was remanded to await an escort. The Chief Constable said defendant had been begging about the city; Straying Donkey: Albert Sandles (25), baker, 10, Tybridge Street, was fined 1s. for permitting a donkey to stray in Tybridge Street.

Information researched by Sue Redding