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Key dates over July 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 3

16th July 1915 - Infantry Camp at Malvern

Rolling casualty count: 1600

1st Batt: In Brigade billets Rue du Quesne. Premature explosion of a shell during firing by 3rd Batt RFA behind ‘B’ & ‘D’ Coys billets. Working parties supplied ; 2nd Batt: In billets at Vendin; 3rd Batt: In Bivouac near Busseboom; Royal Field Artillery: Auchel: Training.

Dogs and Traffic: To the Editor: Sir,- May I draw attention to the danger to cyclists and motorists of the dogs, particularly down the sharp little hill of Broad Street. Lately I (a woman) only escaped running over a dog by unfortunately sending it running in front of one of our Territorials, who came down with a tremendous crash over the dog, which was very near biting his face. Only yesterday I saw a motor swerve round (to the danger of those behind and around) to avoid going over a dog. No one wishes to hurt a dog, but are not human beings to be first considered? In these times of peril by land, are we to be ten times more endangered by dogs running loose and unowned as soon as an accident occurs? A.C.M.;

Infantry Camp at Malvern: During the week advance parties have been preparing a camp on Malvern Common for the reception of an Infantry Brigade, which includes the 3/7th and 3/8th Worcesters, and two Gloucester Units. The 3/7th arrived by train this morning from Kidderminster, under Maj. Thompson. To the 3/8th was assigned the more heroic duty of marching from Worcester in the rain, cheered to some extent by the strains of their Bugle Band. They are commanded by Maj. Garnett. [Directly the men had left, the women entered to receive their billet money, and amid all the babble of talk could be heard the regret that such a large source of income had come to an end.] The soldiers first view of the camp was not exhilarating, but when the sun comes out they will fine that every prospect pleases, as the camp occupies one of the healthiest and picturesque sites in England;

Recruits are wanted for the 3/8th Worcs; they can be assured that they will not have to wait long before they go to the front;

Ombersley Man Killed: News has been received that Pte. A. Hill of the 4th Worcs. Has been killed at the Dardanelles. Before joining the Army he was employed by Mr. A. Moule as a labourere. He was a good shot. He leaves a widow and four young children. He was only 27 years old;

Worcester Rifle Club: A match between Platoons of A and B Companies, Worcs. Volunteer Regt, will take place on the Perry Wood Range on Wednesday 21st inst. Teams of five, seven shots at 100 yards.

Information researched by Sue Redding