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Key dates over July 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

9th July 1915 - German South-West Africa surrenders to South African forces led by General Louis Botha

Rolling casualty count: 1588

1st Batt: Section I. Very quiet, slight shelling during the morning; 2nd Batt: In billets at Le Preol. Battalion furnished working parties on 6 mines in the section and a carrying party of 80 men under an officer; 3rd Batt: In Bivouac near Busseboom; Royal Field Artillery: Le Mont Evenic: Training.

Worcester Officer Missing: We regret to hear that 2nd Lieutenant A.A.D. Baird, 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, at the front in France, only son of Lieut-Col and Mrs. Baird, Rose House, London Road, has been missing since the night of the 7th inst, when he was in command of a patrol near the German lines;

Recruiting Procession at Pershore: The recruiting procession organised by Capt. Green was attended with remarkable scenes of enthusiasm. In spite of the fact that it was the busiest day of the week, and the hour when the greater portion of shopping was done, shopkeepers were asked to close their shops for three-quarters of an hour, and to this many acceded. A procession of huge dimensions was witnessed and followed by large crowds. Mr. J. Spiers kindly placed his electric theatre at the disposal of Capt. Green, where, after a parade of the town, rousing speeches were made by Col. A.H. Hudson and Capt. Green;

Worcester and the War Loan: Subscription of the War Loan through the Post Office has continued to be taken advantage of very largely in Worcester and district. In the early days when the War Loan was offered £1,000 a day was reached, and since then the sums subscribed have averaged about £800. Saturday was an exceptionally busy day, probably because many had the impression that because the bank list closed that day, it was also the last day upon which War Loan could be subscribed for through the Post Office. This is, of course, an erroneous idea. At present no final day of application has been given. On Saturday about £3,500 was subscribed, and the officials at the Post Office had a hard task to cope with the business. A large part of the amount (£3,000) being applied for represents transfers from the Post Office Savings Bank. At the Sidbury Post Office there has been a similar experience;

In the Corner: Visitor looking over the Guildhall to companion: “Not a bad room this, Bill.” Bill: “No, but it ain’t a patch on Hampton Court Palace.”

Information researched by Sue Redding