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Key dates over July 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 5

2nd July 1915 - Gallipoli Landing: Heroism of the Worcesters

Rolling casualty count: 1573

1st Batt: In billets at Sailly cross roads; 2nd Batt: Battalion in billets at Le Quesnoy; 3rd Batt: In Bivouac near Busseboom; Royal Field Artillery: Le Mont Evenic: Training.

8th Battalion Leave Suspended: We understand that the leave to the 8th Battalion has been suspended. A week ago it was announced that each man would have three days’ leave, and the first batches of men have been home and returned to the front;

Gallipoli Landing: Heroism of the Worcesters: “The Worcester Regiment advanced to the assault. Several men of the 4th Battalion rushed forward with great spirit to cut passages through the entanglements. “ “The Worcester Regiment suffered severely. “ “After several charges and counter-charges the Senegalese began to give ground, and a company of the Worcestershire Regiment and some gunners were sent forward to hold the gap. Later a second company of the Worcestershire Regiment was also sent up, and the position was then maintained for the remainder of the night;”

3/8th Detachment for Maldon: A party of 50 members of the 3/8th Worcestershire Territorial Battalion left Worcester today to join the 2/8th at Maldon. They were in charge of Capt. & Adjutant Vigors, who was returning to Maldon after a visit to Worcester;

Children’s Court: Stealing from his Mother: Harold Victor Glazzard (12), of 37 Regent Street, was summoned for stealing two baby’s bed gowns, a Turkish towel, a bed square, and a pillow slip, value 5s., the property of his mother. When she asked her son to go and inform the police that she had lost the things, he admitted that he had taken them to a Mrs. Griffiths and asked her to pledge them for his mother, and get as much as she could for them. She received 1s. 3d., and gave it to him. The Chief Constable proved that the lad had been before the Court three times previously. He was out of his mother’s control, and his father was in the Army. He was sent to a reformatory school for five years;

Comforts’ Fund: Prisoners’ Gratitude: The Worcestershire Regimental Comforts’ Fund is giving much happiness to prisoners of war in Germany of the County Regiment, and Mrs. Wodehouse has received many very grateful letters and postcards from various camps in Germany for the splendid parcels she sends periodically to the Worcestershire prisoners of war who are lodged in the enemy’s country and whose number exceeds one hundred. Proportionately, it should be said, this is a small number from one regiment.

Information researched by Sue Redding