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Key dates over July 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

10th July 1915 - Anxious to Fight

Rolling casualty count: 1590

1st Batt: Section I. Trenches shelled during morning and evening, no damage; 2nd Batt:In billets at Le Preol; 3rd Batt: In Bivouac near Busseboom; Royal Field Artillery: Le Mont Evenic: Training.

Worcester Infirmary: Week ending July 10th: Patients admitted 24, discharged 16, in the House (July 10) 93 (including 18 wounded soldiers).

Collision at the Cross: A motor car accident occurred at the Cross, but, happily, no one was injured. A motor-cycle and side-car, driven by Frederick Henry Legge, of Six Ashes, Bridgnorth, collided with a cyclist, William Smith, of High Street, Pershore. The accident is said to be due to a motorist, who was coming up Broad Street, failing to pay careful regard to the directions of the police constable on point duty at the Cross. The only damage done was to the front wheel of the bicycle, which was smashed;

Anxious to Fight: Pte. Benjamin Price (23), 6, Trinity Gardens, was charged with being a deserter from the 5th Worcesters. Prisoner admitted being “a long absentee.” Prisoner said he wanted to go out into the trenches, and until they sent him there he was not going to do any soldiering. He had been trained for nearly 12 months. He told the Sergeant-Major that he should “hop it,” and if the Bench sent him back, he would “hop it” again. The Mayor, in remanding prisoner to await an escort, pointed out that a soldier’s first duty was obedience;

Throwing Stones: At the Children’s Court, John Phillips (13), 57, Copenhagen Street, was ordered up to answer a charge of throwing stones in Bull Entry. PC Jauncey (39) said that the boy was throwing stones over an archway into Messrs. Webb’s factory. He had previously cautioned the boy. The boy said his brother threw first and he threw afterwards. He was fined 1s.;

Female Lodges: The Fernhill Heath Female Lodge had voluntarily agreed to amalgamate with the Pride of Ombersley Female Lodge. The Lyttelton Female Lodge and the Bedwardine Female Lodge also had voluntarily agreed to amalgamate, under the name of the Princess Mary Females Lodge. These two amalgamations, being agreed upon by the Lodges concerned, were brought before the Manchester A.M.C. for confirmation. This confirmation was given, and these Lodges were therefore amalgamated as from July 1st 1915. In the case of the Barten Allen Female Lodge (Kempsey), and the Pride of Ombersley Female Lodge, it was agreed to recommend the Board to leave these Lodges as they are.

Information researched by Sue Redding