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Key dates over July 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

14th July 1915 - Boy Scouts’ Work in War Time

Rolling casualty count: 1596

1st Batt: In Brigade billets Rue du Quesne. Working parties supplied for defence lines; 2nd Batt: Brigade ordered to be in Corps Reserve; 3rd Batt: In Bivouac near Busseboom; Royal Field Artillery: Le Mont Evenic: Training. 2pm received orders for the Brigade to go into billets at Auchel C28.

Lieut. Wootten’s Commission: it is announced that Temporary Lieut. Albert Wootten, 10th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment, relinquishes his commission (dated July 14.) It will be remembered that a young barmaid, Alice Wheatley, was recently tried and acquitted on the charge of murdering Mr. Wootten’s wife.; Lieut. C.J. Chaytor has been specially commended by the Governor of Nigeria for plucky conduct in going to the relief of a small outpost at Gurin with only 12 men, after the outpost had been attacked by a strong German force and the officers killed or wounded;

Boy Scouts’ Work in War Time: At Kidderminster Town Hall on Wednesday night, the Mayor (Mr. R.S. Brinton), Chief Constable Bennett, and Major Renny distributed to a large number of Boy Scouts and Scoutmasters of Worcestershire war badges in recognition of the services they have rendered in connection with the war. Mr. Howard Krause, District Commissioner, said the badges were for 28 days’ service. In Kidderminster district, they had guarded the reservoirs for months, collected and raised £70 for the relief fund, brought in £40 worth of foodstuffs for the same fund, acted as orderlies at the Red Cross hospitals, and helped largely in recruiting;

Malvern Link’s Presents for Combatants: A further large collection of presents for the soldiers has been made at Malvern Link in response to an appeal by Mr. Day. The teachers and children of St. Matthias’ Church School sent a large parcel of dainties; cigarettes, tinned foods, sweets, mouth organs etc. A large sack and two well-filled hampers have been sent to Mrs. Wodehouse at the Capital and Counties’ Bank, Worcester, to be divided at her discretion between the Worcesters on active service and those who are prisoners in Germany.; A complete list is appended:- 12 shirts, 43 pair socks, 16 handkerchief, 6 sun shields, 14 bags for wounded, 22 mouth organs, 3 parcels cigarettes, 3lbs. soap, 31 tins sardines, 4 tins salmon, 1 tin herrings, 1 tin beef, 1 tin tongue, 10 tins fish paste, 2 tins tomato sauce, 1 tin curry, 24 tins Swiss milk, 5 tins cocoa, 3 tins coffee, 6lbs. tea, 2 tins chocolate, 2 pkts chocolate, 1 tin toffee, 2 tins peppermints, 2 pkts peppermints, 1 “housewife,” 24 pkts stationery, 1 writing pad, 4 “Happy Warrior” booklets, 4 parcels pencils.

Information researched by Sue Redding