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Key dates over July 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

13th July 1915 - Germans and Austro-Hungarians launch a major offensive against the Russians

Rolling casualty count: 1595

1st Batt: In Brigade billets Rue du Quesne; 2nd Batt: Battalion moved to billets in Vendin by Companies, starting at 3.30pm, arriving at 5.30pm; 3rd Batt: In Bivouac near Busseboom ; Royal Field Artillery: Le Mont Evenic: 12.15am order received by 1st Battery at L35C NE to return to D19 b05, R.E. Section 1st Battery arrived back at 5am.

Worcester Juvenile Foresters: The Worcester Juvenile Foresters’ Society have authorised the investment of £80 in the new War Loan; and also have made arrangements to encourage the members to invest by subscriptions ranging from one penny per week upwards;

Cadbury Bros., Ltd., have offered to add a bonus of 5 per cent to all sums up to £100 invested by their employees in Government Stocks (including the recent 4.5 per cent Load);

The Committee were asked to advise the Council to open domestic centres for evening instruction of girls at Rainbow Hill, St. John’s and Bank Street, at a cost not exceeding £63. The Chairman moved that this be done, and Mr. Mayglothling, seconding observed that, having regard to the number of girls to be seen about the streets in the evening, it was desirable that they should make provision for those who were willing to be taught. The resolution was agreed to;

Artillery to Berkshire: Soon the whole of the third line Territorial troops connected with the city will have left it for other war stations. The Yeomanry some time ago went to Tidworth; the 8th Battalion are going to Malvern, and the Artillery are being sent to Berkshire. This will leave the city practically, barren of military. There will still be a few Engineers here, and a small staff in charge at each depot;

Impressive Pageant in Worcester: The missionary festival promoted by the Worcester Diocesan Board of Missions, and which commenced in Worcester on Monday, was continued on Tuesday. There was celebration of Holy Communion at 8 o’clock at the Cathedral and at various parish churches… The preacher was Bishop Hamilton Baynes, who said the war was a great call to the Church to realise its opportunities. England, with other Christian nations, had its part to play in raising the nations and in extending the Kingdom of God;

Runaway Tractor: On Monday afternoon one of Messrs. Townshend’s steam waggons, driven by Albert Webb, of 36, Fort Royal Hill, and laden with flour, had just left the mill, when one of the links in the steering gear broke. The near side wheels mounted the footpath at the canal bridge in Mill Street. The lorry struck the electric light standard, breaking it off at the base, and damaged the bridge, forcing it outwards for some inches. No one was hurt.

Information researched by Sue Redding