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Key dates over July 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 3

27th July 1915 - Trip for Wounded Soldiers

Rolling casualty count: 1625

1st Batt: In Divisional billets at Sailly ; 2nd Batt: Battn in billets at Beuvry; 3rd Batt: In Trenches ‘T’ Sector of St. Eloi. R&F 4 killed, 11 wounded; Royal Field Artillery: 3rd Battery preparing position immediately South of Hebuterne. 1st Battery received orders to prepare position just North of Sailly au Bois.

Worcs. Yeoman’s Experience: A corporal of the 1st Worcs. Yeomanry, who is now in the firing line at the Dardanelle’s front, writes home to give an interesting account of the Yeomanry’s transportation to Alexandria: “After a considerable hanging about the dock (in England) we embarked by the aid of artificial lights. It is a tricky job embarking horses, I can assure you. We had a pleasant journey for the first two or three days. The next evening we were chased by an enemy submarine, and only our superior speed saved us. When we arrived at Malta, to our great surprise and delight we were allowed to go on shore for a few hours. When we arrived at Alexandria we proceed to our rest camp to wait for the Wayfarer and to get ready for the Dardanelles. The men (natives) were seem to have nothing to do but to sit on chairs outside bars and smoke large pipes and drink wine. I suppose each man having two wives, thinks that his job is only to see them off to work in the morning and stop them from fighting each other…”;

Trip for Wounded Soldiers: Next Friday afternoon the Buffaloes of Worcester have arranged a steamer trip for 70 wounded soldiers, and have instituted a novel way of helping to raise funds for this purpose. Sgt-Major Durham of the 2/8th Worcesters, who was recently here on leave, brought with him a large German incendiary bomb, weighing about 18lbs, which dropped within 15 yards of him near Maldon Workhouse, but did not explode. This has been rendered harmless and is on view at the Saracen’s Head bowling saloon. Those who wish to inspect it can do so on making a small payment to the Buff’s fund for the purpose mentioned above;

Anniversary of War Declaration: On August 4th, which is the first anniversary of the declaration of war, a special service will be held at the Cathedral at noon. The form of service will be the same as that which will be used when, at the same hour, the King attends at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London;

Wychbold Sailor’s Promotion: A letter has been received from James Innett (sometime scholar at Rashwood School), in which it is shown how, from the rank of an ordinary “bluejacket,” he has risen to be a warrant officer. He was not long ago raised to the rank of Chief Petty Officer, and now is Acting Gunner;

Presentation: On Pitchcroft, on Tuesday night, at the conclusion of drill, Capt. Rigden, on behalf of “A” Platoon of the Worcestershire Volunteer Regiment, presented to Sergt-Instructor Whensley, a silver-mounted military stick and a purse of money as a mark of appreciation of the Instructor’s service in drilling the platoon. Capt. Ridgen eulogised Sergt. Whensley’s services as an instructor, and remarked that the men had highly appreciated the drilling which they had received. Sergt. Whensley, in returning thanks, said the men had responded with a will and it had given him great pleasure to drill them.

Information researched by Sue Redding