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Key dates over July 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

25th July 1915 - Worcester Glove Cutter’s End

Rolling casualty count: 1617

1st Batt:Divisional billets at Sailly ; 2nd Batt: During the night enemy were much more active than usual, rifle fire and “swish-bangs” at intervals all night. At 6am enemy exploded two mines about 3 minutes interval between explosions. One about 40 yds the other probably 50 or 60 yds in front of No. 5 sap. No appreciable damage was done to any of our mines or open sap heads. Front line breastworks shaken and blown in in several places. Casualties 1 killed and 1 wounded (also a Glasgow Highlander and a miner 2/HLI wounded). Immediately after mines were exploded enemy shelled communication trenches, Lovers Keep, Village and Church Corner. After this all was quiet for an hour or two then a few “swish-bangs” and howitzers came over at intervals till noon. At 12.30 pm relief by 2/H.L.I. commenced. All quiet during relief which was completed by 3pm. After relief Battn marched to billets in Beuvry, arriving there about 4.30pm; 3rd Batt: In Trenches ‘T’ Sector of St. Eloi. Our mine exploded in German lines 40 yards of Trenches destroyed; Royal Field Artillery: Authie: 3rd Battery received orders to prepare a position immediately South of Hebuterne.

Worcester Glove Cutter’s End: The body of Wm. Handkins, aged 50, a glove cuter, of Russel l Terrace, Tybridge Street, who had been missing since Thursday morning, was recovered from the Severn, near Diglis Locks, on Sunday afternoon. Some of Handkin’s clothing was found on the bank, and it was known that he had been depressed of late, it was thought that his body might be in the river, and dragging operations were pursued without success since Saturday. He had been employed at Dent’s ever since he was a boy;

On Sunday next, July 25th, the closing Sunday of a full year of the War, special Services of Intercession will be held in all the Free Churches of the City. The day will close with a United Open Air Service in the Quadrangle of the Shirehall, from 8 to 8.45 pm. If wet, this Service will be held in the Baptist Church, Sansome Walk. Relatives and friends of those serving their Country will be especially welcome at these Services;

Blind Boys’ Boat Race: For the first time in the history of boat racing a blind crew faced a trained “sighted,” public school crew on the Severn on Friday afternoon. The course was between the Grand Stand and the Bridge. The King’s School crew started off with a dash, and maintained a quicker stroke. The blind crew kept a steady pace and good length throughout, but were gradually left behind. They rowed pluckily, but found that their opponents were much superior; and the chance of overtaking the sighted crew became so remote that they gave up while still some lengths from the judge’s post;

Remanded: Henry Charles King (50), grocer’s assistant, 45 Comer Road, was charged with embezzling 1s., the money of his masters, the Star Tea Co., Ltd. A remand was granted until Friday. Bail was allowed;

Larceny: Sarah Ann Weaver, charwoman, was charged with stealing a spoke brush, stable rubber, and umbrella, value 1s. 6d., the property of Mrs. Cartridge, Hinchley House, Elmley Lovett. PC. Brookes saw defendant taking clothes off a scarecrow. He then took defendant to a bundle of clothing, which she claimed as her property, in the bundle he found the articles. Defendant was sentenced to 14 days’ imprisonment.

Information researched by Sue Redding