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Key dates over September 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 5

30th September 1915 - Heenan and Froude accused of underpaying for skilled munitions worker

Local casualties: 5

Rolling casualty count: 2445

Loos: Midnight - 2nd Batt relieved by King's Own Lancasters. Marched back to reach Essars 8am

Local munitions tribunal South African Worker's Grievances

Joseph Harris of Johannesburg complained that his employers Messrs Heenan and Froude unreasonably withheld a certificate under the Munitions Act. He said that the wages he now received were not so high as he was led to believe and that he was a volunteer munitions worker. He was really a shipbuilder and the class of work he was doing now was not what he was used to, he wanted to get work at Liverpool or Barrow and support his family who were at Whitehaven, Cumberland.

City Police Court

Dog without collar – William Prosser, Bank Street, marine store dealer was summoned for allowing a dog to stray without having a collar with the prescribed name and address. Prosser pleaded guilty. Clerk-Sergt F V Price said he found the dog straying in St Martins Gate. He was fined 5 s

Information researched by Melanie Ballam and the WWW100 team