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Key dates over September 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 12

27th September 1915 - British trenches and slagheaps face constant shelling

Local casualties: 12

Rolling casualty count: 2428

Gallipoli: Bagpipes make nights hideous though the Turks seemed to appreciate it. 20 men reporting sick with dysentery and enteric fever every day. Loos: constant shelling and firing amongst the slagheaps and quarries. Worcestershire trenches under attack but Carter's Force attack suspended. Bois Grenier: 3rd Batt consolidating front line amongst broken shellholes, dead and wounded. Relieved and marched back

Fire at Broadwas

The Norwich Union Fire Brigade received a call from Dr Penhall, Broadwas. On arriving with the motor fire engine the brigade found a Dutch barn containing 35 tons of hay well alight. Plenty of water was obtained froma pool 400 yards away. The greater part of the rick was saved.

Worcester Brotherhood and Conscription – a dramatic incident

Mr Alfred W Yeo MP for Poplar at the meeting of the Men's Own Brotherhood in Angel Street church, denounced conscription and its adherents. He declared that the conscriptionist was so because he wanted a cheaper army adding: it is costing too much and he wants to pay the men a penny twopence a day. I am against that chap. The man who wants conscription is the man who is ineligible and too old to be of any use. He's the bloke that know they can't take him and would not have him. A broken, strained voice interrupted ' I have two sons there. Why don't somebody else's go?' and before leaving he thrust his hand into his pocket drew out his membership card tore it in half and threw it down the aisle.

Information researched by Melanie Ballam and the WWW100 team