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Key dates over September 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 11

25th September 1915 - Co-ordinated Allied offensive in France, with French attacks in the Second Battle of Champagne and Third Battle of Artois, and British attacks at the Battle of Loos. The fighting at Loos carries on until 4 November.

Rolling casualty count: 2315

Battle of Loos: British bombardment began 6.30am. Wounded men soon making way back and wind did not take gas from own trenches as far as the enemy. 2nd Batt sent from Reserve to front but attack by 5th Bde suspended mid morning. Batt moved under temporary command of Colonel Carter's Force from King's Liverpools to assist more successful attack by 7th Division. 10th Worcs marched forward to le Plantin to join attack with Warwickshires but 58th Bde attack halted. In soaking rain and mud, men dug in for night but were awoken to be sent further back to Locon. To the north: Bois Grenier - 1st Batt in reserve. Grenadier Platoon called up with 25th Brigade attack led by 2/Lt WC Wilson, killed with 15 other men. 3rd Batt into trenches at Hooge. Gallipoli: South Midland Brigade, including Worcs. Yeomanry, withdrawn to reserve trenches, replaced by the Scottish Horse.

An aeroplane is to be used at Dudley to advertise a large recruiting rally for the Worcestershire Regts to be held on the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 2nd. Weather permitting, the aeroplane will fly over the town at about 3 pm at a low altitude so that people can see it well and will drop recruiting literature to announce the rally, It will then alight on the County Cricket Ground and remain there for an hour or so before flying away. Trooper F. H. Brown of the Worcestershire Yeomanry has been reported wounded and is now in hospital in Exeter. Trooper Brown was struck by a piece of shell while cooking breakfast in a dug-out. The fifth jumble sale promoted by the Worcestershire branches of the National Farmers' Union was a substantial success at Upon-on-Severn on Wednesday. With Lord Coventry and Lady Coventry's help the proceedings were hearty and enjoyable - a good example of the kind of recreation permissible, nay praiseworthy, even in war-time.

Soldier fatally injured at Malvern while crossing railway line

Information researched by Melanie Ballam and the WWW100 team