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Key dates over September 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 5

29th September 1915 - Seventy-three year old charged under DORA for keeping pigeons

Local casualties: 5

Rolling casualty count: 2440

Loos: Fresh German attack down the Communication trench repulsed. Worcs and Royal Rifle Corps troops intermingled. Trenches shelled all day. 10th Batt entered trench line at Rue d'Ouvert, north of the La Bassee Canal. 3rd Worcs ordered to assist 7th Division under attack in Sanctuary Wood, remaining until 8th October

Moving pigeons without a permit

Mary Morris (73) Belmont Road, Rainbow Hill, was charged with carrying two homing pigeons without a permit in contravention of the Defence of the Realm Act. Chief Inspector said that the defendant came to the police station and said that she knew nothing about the regulations and had removed the pigeons form Bridgnorth to Worcester, she was told that she had to have a permit to enable her to keep them. The police stated that they were satisfied that she did not keep them for an unlawful purpose. Defendant fined 5s/

Bromsgrove Petty Session

The Belgian Refugees Homes in Bromsgrove and Stoke Prior were excused payment of rates.

Information researched by Melanie Ballam and the WWW100 team