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Key dates over September 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 4

22nd September 1915 - Cow slaughtered in street

Local casualties: 4

Rolling casualty count: 2291

1st Worcs holding trenches at Bois Grenier

Cow slaughtered in the street

On Monday afternoon, a motor car driven by Miss L Sheldon collided with a cow in St John's, the car being damaged and the cow sustaining a broken leg. The animal became frantic with pain, and rushed about in a dangerous way. It belonged to Mr Henry Smith butcher, St John's and had to be slaughtered in the Bransford Road, the Fred Cox. The injury seems to have been caused accidentally, the cow dashing in front of the car.

Belgians plucky rescue

While playing under the canal bridge at Lansdowne Road on Saturday, Victor Rayner aged 5, son of Mr Rayner a postman living at 22 Lower Chesnut Street, fell into the water. The accident was witnessed by a Belgian who is employed at Shrub Hill Hospital after partial recovery from wounds which incapacitated him from further military service. This gallant fellow took the youngster home and informed Mr Rayner that he only just succeeded in getting hold of him as he was sinking a second time. The father was full of gratitude and tried to induce the rescuer to accept some reward, but the Belgian family refused, remarking that he had only done his duty.

Information researched by Melanie Ballam and the WWW100 team