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Key dates over February 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

15th February 1915 - Lady Doctor appointed at Infirmary

Rolling casualty count: 648

1st Batt: Red Barn: Message received from 24th Infantry Brigade to effect that 2 Alsations had been captured by French 9th Corps and they say a general attack is to take place on 15th or 16th Inst. Battalion ordered to hold itself in readiness; 2nd Batt: In billets at Les Choquax; 3rd Batt: In trenches E. Kemmel ;

Lady Doctor for Worcester Infirmary: At a meeting of the Worcester Infirmary Committee, today, Dr Martha Stewart, of Belfast University, was appointed Resident Medical Officer;

Shoeing Smiths urgently wanted for the Army. Pay 5s a day and separation allowance if married. Applicants must be organically fit, and not over 45 years of age. Enlistment for duration of war, for service at home or abroad. Men willing to serve for King and Country should go to the nearest recruiting office, where they will be required to pass a test in their trade before being accepted;

At the inquest on the child, J. H. Handy, recently drowned near the George Street Bridge, the Coroner reported, that “this was the fourth or fifth inquest held on children who had been drowned at or near this spot during the last 12 months;”

Dramatic recitals from the works of Charles Dickens were given by Mr. Henry Fielding Dickens, KC, son of the famous novelist, at the Evesham Public Hall, in aid of the British Red Cross Society, and were greatly enjoyed by a large audience. Mr. Dickens explained that when the war broke out he found himself (with two sons at the front) wanting to do something. In his profession, and at his age, it was not easy to know what to do. A prominent member of the Red Cross Society suggested to him that if he would give a series of recitals of his father’s works he would be doing good work. Believing as he did that his father’s name was still a name to conjure with, he consented to do it, and this was his 31st recital, and up to the present time he had made £1,150 for the Red Cross Society;

The Sanitary Sub-Committee presented a report by the School Medical Officer on his examination of the 87 children in the county reported to be mentally defective. Of these, 11 were found not to be mentally defective, 48 were capable of being educated in a special school or class, 23 were incapable of being educated in this way and their cases were to be considered by the Mental Deficiency Committee; 4 were doubtful cases, and one was a child epileptic and mentally defective, to go to Maghull Institution…The Chairman said the fact that 11 children were found not to be mentally defective showed that caution was necessary before the slow and backward child was stamped as being defective.

Information researched by Sue Redding