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Key dates over February 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

27th February 1915 - Football match in Barbourne halted over damage to the daisies

Rolling casualty count: 663

1st Batt: Brigade Reserve Billets Red Barn; 2nd Batt: In billets at Bethune;3rd Batt: In billets at E. Kemmel;

Sir, passing by a field near Barbourne on Monday afternoon, I stopped to watch football played by a few of Kitchener’s Army. It was (they said) the first half-holiday they had had for some time, and they were enjoying it like healthy schoolboys. I don’t know which felt the more disappointment, the little audience or the men themselves, when the interesting game was brought to a sad finish by the sudden appearance of an excited and indignant lady, who ordered them off the ground. I don’t know whether it was feared that the daisies would be hurt or a cricket pitch in the field, but they were using goal-posts already there. Anyhow, I overheard a lady say, “What a shame. If I had the best lawns in England they should have them for their game if they wanted them; they are working hard enough for us.” I must say the men behaved splendidly over their summary dismissal, only joking among themselves – “Good old Worcesters,” and “We can’t fight a lady” – as they were marched and locked out of the field. EYE WITNESS;

Professor Hobday, Hon. Veterinary Surgeon to the King, who has been appointed to serve on the Central Committee for the Agricultural restoration of Belgium and North-Eastern France, is a Malvern man. He is already serving in the Army, being attached to King Edward’s Horse;

A chance for the man over 38! The Legion of Frontiersmen want men between the ages of 25 and 45. Men must be able to shoot. Come and enlist at the Guildhall Recruiting Office;

Lecture at the King’s School: On Saturday evening a most interesting and instructive lecture was given by Mr. A. C. Cherry, the College Hall, on the war on the Eastern frontier. After clearly distinguishing the causes from the occasion of the outbreak of the war, and explaining the situation in Eastern Europe, he lucidly expounded the successive phases of the campaign up to date in a talk which was much appreciated by the School.; The certificates of the Worcester Centre of the Trinity College of Music were distributed at the Trinity Hall by Mrs. Arthur Carlton. The High Sheriff (Mr. A. Carlton) presided over a good attendance. Many of the children had had very high marks, but he was sorry to say that there were no local exhibitions or national prizes, as in other years.

Information researched by Sue Redding