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Key dates over February 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 4

21st February 1915 - Reports of Malvern VC were 'over the top'

Rolling casualty count: 660

1st Batt: In billets at La Gorgue; 2nd Batt: In billets at Les Choquax. A number of Officers, NCO’s and men were mentioned in despatches;3rd Batt: In trenches E. Kemmel ;

A fortnight ago the Malvern Link Parish Magazine announced (and local newspapers copied the announcement) that Albert Gregg had been recommended for the Victoria Cross. His gallantry consisted of saving his transport and horses under fire; and he has latterly been in the Red Cross Hospital, Newtown, recovering from wounds. He is only 20 years of age; and it is sincerely to be hoped that he will be granted the coveted decoration, because every man, woman, and child in the county will share in the pride which he may legitimately fee. The announcement was brought to the notice of Mr. Willis Bund, whose pride in county achievements is the acme of citizenship, but his announcement that Gregg was to be the first Worcestershire person to be awarded the VC was a little previous. When Mr. Willis Bund recommended application to the War Office for exact particulars of the deed for which the award was made, he was unwittingly doing what the Department discourage, because recommendations are only “reported to be made” are not always granted, and even the War Office desire to avoid causing disappointment;

The Severn, which rose slightly during the early part of the week, came up rapidly on Friday and this morning, and it has overflowed its banks in various places notably on the promenade and at Diglis. A large part of the Croft and many of the low-lying meadows are under water;

The Rector of All Saints in his Lenten parochial circular shows his usual good sense, and makes a practical application of the season’s observances to the special conditions of his parishioners. So many of them being notoriously poor (if not inadequately fed and furnished), he does not suggest abstinence from food or drink. He wisely suggests mental restraint, as thus:- “Avoid Something: Laziness, intemperance, gossip, unnecessary expense, envy of others, neglect of worship, stinginess of your Church alms, bad examples in conduce and speech – and keep clear of politics, for the present.”

Information researched by Sue Redding