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Key dates over February 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 0

9th February 1915 - Rejected recruits wear 'medical badge'

Rolling casualty count: 640

1st Batt: In billets at La Gorgue; 2nd Batt: A very quiet day on the whole. Very little shelling and little sniping. Our guns were active; 3rd Batt: Relieved by R. Scots Fusiliers in ‘F’ and marched to billets at Locre.

There have been a number of discharges from the Infirmary this week-end. Four soldiers went to Scotland on Saturday, and two started for Ireland on Sunday. Fourteen men are being sent to the Convalescent Home at Bromyard this afternoon, and several others are leaving for various places;

About 25 of the 78 men who were enrolled at the Guildhall Recruiting Office, during last week, paraded before the Guildhall this morning, preparatory to going away to their various Regiments. Cptn. Green, the recruiting officer, addressed the men, pointing out the objects for which they were going to fight, and wishing them God-speed. He warned them that they would have about 6 months’ training before they could go to the front, and they must not chafe at the delay. Twenty men were accepted on Monday, and ten were rejected, on medical grounds. It should be explained that all those who could not be accepted on medical grounds were given a “medical reject” badge. This badge was initiated by Mr. Cheesewright, the business organiser, during the Kidderminster campaign, had the approval of Col. Hackett Thompson, who was then in command of No. 7 District which includes Worcestershire and other counties. This badge is a symbol of honour, showing that the man has tried to do his duty;

Teachers on Active Service: Mr. R. E. Kings, of St. Peter’s Boys’ School, having joined the AMC, received orders to report himself at Aldershot on Monday. With Mr. Carey and Mr. Malcolm, three teachers of this school have joined the Colours. They will be missed by the scholars, with whom they were general favourites;

Nine more wounded soldiers are arriving at the Infirmary this afternoon by the 5.36 train.

Information researched by Sue Redding