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Key dates over February 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

1st February 1915 - Lights going out early in the City

Rolling casualty count: 627

1st Batt: ‘B’ Lines: Remained in trenches, no unusual occurences. Our heavy artillery shelled German trenches in the afternoon; 2nd Batt:In billets at Essars;3rd Batt: Relieved in trenches by R. Fusiliers and marched to billets at Locre.

A successful draw for a turkey was held at the Reading Room. The turkey was presented by Mr and Mrs Morris, Clifton. The proceeds were devoted to the local Belgian Fund. The winner proved to be Mr F Jones, Broomhall, Kempsey. The net sum realised was £9 19s;

Mrs W Russell, of King Street, fears that her husband, Bandsman William Russell of the 1st Worcs, has been killed. A passage in a letter which Mrs Hunt, of Little Park Street, had from her husband, runs: “I am sorry to tell you that ‘Bill’ Russell has been killed, but we have done all we can for him. We have buried him, and placed a little wooden cross at the head of his grave.” Mrs Russell has received no official intimation of her husband’s death, and is very anxious to receive any information;

Like other urban areas, Worcester, at last, has considered the desirability of doing something to make itself less conspicuous at night lest mammoth moths from Germany should be attracted by its light. The regulations decided are mild in comparison with the restrictions which the Metropolis has had to submit to, and will not make Worcester a city of dreadful night. Shortly, half the street lamps and all the outside shop lights will be extinguished by 8:30, and in the event of expectation of a possible visitation – gas and electricity will be cut off at the works, a hooter to be erected at the electricity works advising us to seek the shelter of our cellars;

Mr Reginald Gattward, the latest member of the “Worcester Daily Times” staff to enlist, has joined the RAMC. He will probably be better known as “Reginald Rex,” an exponent of modern magic, in which capacity he has taken part in many entertainments in Worcester and district;

Worcester Art School: There has just opened in the Art Gallery of the Victoria Institute the annual exhibition of the work done by students in the Art School. It is, as usual, an interesting and comprehensive exhibition, though in some respects it might be made more instructive and informing for the general public, and for those individuals who may become art students. In the present space available, it is not possible to arrange the various branches of art work and study in all their stages. It would require a good deal of labour and more space than is usually devoted to the exhibition, but it would be very valuable as a stimulus to art study;

Information researched by Sue Redding