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Key dates over February 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 5

6th February 1915 - Distributing potatoes to the poor

Rolling casualty count: 637

1st Batt: ‘B’ Lines: A quiet day. HQ shelled during the day but no damage done. A German Minesweeper fell into ‘A’ Company’s trench, smashing 2 rifles but no casualties. Companies put up wire entanglements at night; 2nd Batt: Relieved the 2nd HLI in the trenches at Festubert marched by companies from Essars via Gorre. ‘C’ and ‘B’ companies front line, with ‘A’ and ‘B’ companies in support;3rd Batt: In trenches E. Kemmel.

Much interest has been shown during the past few days in a Sale of High-class Furs at Rayner’s, in High Street. Messrs. Rayner were fortunate in securing their large stock of furs at very advantageous prices earlier in the season. Now that the end of the fur season is in sight, the firm is now able to offer the remaining stock at very great reduction in the price. Many ladies have seized the opportunity of securing High-class and Fashionable Furs, and doubtless many others will do the same;

Consequent to continued advance in flour, the price of bread will be raised by one half-penny, in Worcester and District, as from Monday next;

About 800 sacks of potatoes have been sent to Worcester - part of Canada’s gift to the country. Each of the sacks contained 80 or 90 lbs of potatoes, and these were distributed in the City Police Yard this afternoon to a large number of poor people. Churches and chapels of all denominations in the city sent in the names of people in their various districts and parishes to whom a share of the gift would be acceptable, and a list was prepared by the Committee of something like 200 poor people. There was a continuous procession of women, armed with bags and baskets, and tickets which entitled them to have these filled. Each one received about 15lbs of potatoes, and went away with radiant face and well-filled basket;

A hundred men were transferred from Norton Barracks to the 11th Battalion at Barbourne College this morning, and later in the day about 50 left for Devenport and Plymouth to join other battalions of the Worcs. Regt. Since Sunday last 50 recruits have been enrolled at the Barracks.

Information researched by Sue Redding