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Key dates over June 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

26th June 1915 - Second accident in days - car hits pony and trap

Rolling casualty count: 1544

1st Batt: In trenches, 2 wounded; 2nd Batt: Fine day – no rain- trenches dried up fairly well. The G.O.C. Bde visited Battn HQ. New fire trench commenced 80 yds in rear of front fire trench. Our guns fired a number of shells into German billets. Result not known. Quiet night. Patrols reported Germans working hammering in stakes, and a considerable amount of transport was heard moving. A steam engine was heard on our left front; 3rd Batt: In bivouac half mile due S. of Ypres; Royal Field Artillery: Vieux Berquin: The whole group marched as such rear of march.

King’s School Boat Race: This afternoon, in brilliant river weather, and before a large crowd of spectators, including a good muster of boys of the school, the King’s School rowed their annual race against St Edward’s School, Oxford. The course was from Diglis Locks to the Deanery, and after an excellent race, the Worcester boys were successful, winning by two and a half lengths. They won the toss, and took the St. John’s side of the river. At the commencement of the race, St. Edward’s pulled the faster, but for a very short while, and the local crew gradually crept in front, and held the advantage to the end. This is the second time a Worcester King’s School crew has beaten St. Edward’s within the last five years, the King’s School having suffered defeat three times;

Plucky Girl Driver: The scene of the fatal motor accident on Sunday was today, about 1.15, the scene of another accident, happily without injury. Mr. Hugh Morton, J.P., of Coppice Road, Birmingham, in company with Ald. Davies, of Cardiff, was being driven through the Foregate in the direction of the Cross. When opposite Victoria House, the driver, in order to avoid collision with a car belonging to Capt. Joynson, of Norton Hall, pulled over to the right, and, by doing so, collided with a trap driven by Miss Norah Hillery – who was accompanied by her sister, Doris – in the opposite direction. The impact resulted in both children being thrown out on to the pavement, narrowly escaping serious injury. Fortunately they escaped one of the electric standards by inches only. The pony was set free from the trap, but the plucky little girl driver hung on to his reins – which were round the lamp standard, while she and the pony were on opposite sides – and thus prevented the pony bolting. Norah Hillery escaped with a slight injury to the leg and a bruised hip, and Doris without injury, though she was obviously suffering from shock. Sergt. Short rendered assistance, and the children were shortly afterwards able to return home;

Welcome Rain: Rarely has a storm been welcomed more than that of Friday night, which was the first downpour of any account since May 17th, when .64 of an inch was registered at the Worcester Waterworks. Last night 0.72 was recorded there, and at Rainbow Hill Mr. G. B. Weatherall’s instrument measured 0.77. The last rainfall in the city (with the exception of a slight shower or two) was on June 2nd, when 0.13 of an inch fell;

Worcester Motor’s Accident at Kidderminster: On Tuesday morning, a steam motor lorry, belonging to Messrs. Townshend and Son, of Worcester, and driven by Albert Webb, was proceeding up Barnsley’s Hill, Kidderminster, drawing a trailer on which was a furniture van belonging to Messrs. Winwood, of Worcester, loaded with furniture . The wheels of the lorry skidded, with the result the lorry ran back, and the furniture van was overturned, completely blocking the road. No one was hurt, but much damage was done.

Information researched by Sue Redding