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Key dates over June 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 5

27th June 1915 - Fatality Verdict: Accidental Death

Rolling casualty count: 1549

1st Batt: In trenches. Battn HQ (Rue Petillon) shelled and burnt down. Major Arden and 2 men wounded; 2nd Batt: Germans shelled left front Company in the morning and afternoon, also persistent Machine Gun firing. Our guns shelled German line and a noise like galloping horses was heard immediately afterwards. Casualties nil. Work continued on New Trench; 3rd Batt: Relieved 2/Royal Irish Rifles in trenches South of Hooghe. Relief completed at 11.45 pm; Royal Field Artillery: Vieux Berquin do Ecque: 1st Battery bivouacked in a field.

Evidence at the Inquest of William Thomas: The Coroner referred to the definite evidence of the three witnesses who said that the cyclist was on the left-hand side of the road, and to the direct conflict offered by the driver and his mother and father, and said the deceased’s statement to the doctor appeared to bear out the story of the motor-car witnesses. In that case the other witnesses would have been mistaken. If they thought that the motorist saw the cyclist and rode him down, then they could return the graver verdict of murder. If they thought that he had shown culpable carelessness, then they could return a verdict of manslaughter. The amount of carelessness was entirely for them to consider. The jury brought in a verdict of “Accidental Death, caused through the inexperience of the driver.” The Coroner said that implied negligence. The driving of a car by a man without experience was negligence. Did they say that the negligence was culpable or not? The Jury said that they did not wish to bring it in as culpable negligence. Mr. Ward expressed the sympathy of Mr. Drury and his son with the deceased’s family. The Coroner associating himself with this, said he would like to refer the position which the driver must feel in after what had happened. Practically the verdict meant that no man without sufficient experience ought to drive a motor car in public places;

Theft: Charles Edward Fowler (17) pleaded guilty to stealing a Colt automatic pistol, value £4 10s, and was bound over for six months ain the sum of £5. D. S. Penlington gave evidence.; The Lady Huntingdon’s Free Church: The annual excursion of the choir and teachers connected with this Church, took place on Thursday, the party (numbering about 75) going by steamer to Twyning Fleet. Upon arrival, dinner was served, after which some of the party walked into Tewkesbury, whilst others played cricket and bowls at Twyning…Rev. J. Wesley Green praised the good work done by the teachers in the Sunday Schools, to which Mr. C. N. Jones (Superintendent of the Home School) replied, he mentioned that they had with them probably the oldest teacher in the city, who was 80 years of age that day. The return was completed after 9 o’clock, after a very pleasant day.

Information researched by Sue Redding