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Key dates over June 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 74

4th June 1915 - New Zealander and Canadian join the wounded at the Infirmary

Rolling casualty count: 1389

1st Batt: In trenches, 2 wounded; 2nd Batt: Battalion in billets at Mazingarbe; 3rd Batt: Moved to “B” huts just West of Vlamertinghe, Officers went up in evening to look over new Trenches near Hooghe; Royal Field Artillery: Petit Pont: 1st Battery fired on Avenue 1

Commission for an Old Elizabethan: Mr. G. L. Watkinson has been given a commission in the 12th Battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment. He was educated at Worcester Royal Grammar School, where he was a well-known member of School House, and was a N.C.O. in the Officers’ Training Corps. He passed a Civil Service examination in September, and was appointed to the War Office in January;

Wounded Soldiers at the Infirmary: Among the ten wounded soldiers who arrived at the Infirmary on Tuesday were a Canadian and New Zealander, who were suffering from bullet wounds;

Worcester Union: The Guardians require the services of a man over military age to act as Tramp Master at the Workhouse. Salary £25 per annum, with residence, rations, and uniform. Particulars of the duties can be obtained from the Master of the Workhouse;

Worcester Auctioneer Wounded: Information has been received in Worcester today that Lance-Corpl. Geoffrey H. Gibbs, of the 8th Worcesters, has been wounded in France, and is now in hospital. He rejoined the Territorials on the outbreak of hostilities and has been serving with the Regiment since it left Worcester in August last. He is an old Elizabethan and an active and very popular member of the Worcester Rowing Club. Prior to the war, he was with Messrs. Geo. Yeates and Sons, auctioneers, of Worcester;

Signal and Machine Gun Section: Men are required at once for the Signal and Machine Gun Section which is being raised by the Worcester Yeomanry. Full particulars can be obtained at HQ, Silver Street;

The Wyche Landslip: The Streets Committee stated that the Surveyor had reported as to the present position of the work in connection with the landslip on the Wyche Road. Owing, however, to the difficulty in procuring cement (the Government taking all available supplies), there was barely sufficient to keep the ordinary work going. Mr Woodyatt said it was thought by the Highways Committee of the County Council that the cost of the work had been very much over-estimated by the District Council, but it was pointed out that the County authority would only pay on the actual cost. One member of the Committee – a building in a large way of business – thought the work could be done for £500;

Rescue from the River: On Thursday afternoon a woman named Margaret Harmer was rescued from drowning in the Severn by a youth, who was near at hand. She fell in on the Hylton Road side. PC Lawley was called and rendered first aid. The woman was taken to the Infirmary, where she is progressing satisfactorily.

Information researched by Sue Redding

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